What makes alpaca unique

The alpaca fibre is firm, soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. It´s even seven times warmer and three times firmer than sheep wool. It is hollow with microscopic air pockets inside which make it highly insulating and exceptionally light. The clothes from alpaca are then very light in their weight but pleasantly warm at the same time. The fibre works perfectly in any climate. Another unique feature is the ability to absorb dampness while keeping its shape and quality. The clothes stay in shape in any kind of environment.

Alpaca is hypoallergenic as it doesn´t contain any lanoline, which catches up dirt and dust and that can cause allergic reactions. This makes the alpaca clothes suitable for allergic people. It also stays clean for longer than common clothes. Its natural shine and brightness makes the high quality alpaca wool an ideal material for the clothes industry. It is durable, the fibre is firm and resistant, it doesn´t tear. The clothes then stay usable for very long.

There is a wide range of natural colours which also makes alpaca a top quality product. It covers all shades of white, brown, black and grey. Natural colour can have up to 22 shades. Unlimited range of other colourings can then be used to colour the fibre.

The alpaca clothes will adapt to your body and you will feel comfortable and warm. They are ideal for cold weather and sensitive skin.

The most business appreciated kind of the wool is called "baby alpaca". It comes from the first cut and is especially smooth. The alpaca clothes are light, smooth to touch, breathable and especially warm. Their producers follow that latest fashion designs to succeed at the fashion market. The clothes are manufactured at the top quality and the size range fully matches the needs of European population. Enjoy the luxury of the top quality wool, which is one of the smoothest in the world. Its character makes it also an ideal material for outdoor clothes.

You will love not only the alpaca llamas, but also the products from their wool once you first see them.