Bolívie - vlajka.

About us

It all started as early as in 1990 when we first went to Bolivia. At that time our prior interest were cactuses and succulent plants. Then we came to the South American countries again and again. We often used to meet llamas and alpacas at higher altitudes. They were lovely and we became interested in products from their wool.

We started visiting workshops and craftsmen in Bolivia who process the wool from alpacas. We were amazed not only because their products looked wonderful, but also their characteristics were unique - alpaca wool even beats cashmere in quality. That was why we decided to import alpaca products to some countries in the central Europe, especially to the Czech republic, where they are hardly available. Also weather was inspiring for our decision - the Central European climate is very similar to the one at middle and high altitudes in Bolivia.

Our e-shop is specialized in sale of knitted and woven clothes and accessories from high quality 100% alpaca wool. We sell sweaters, jumpers, hats, scarves, gloves, ponchos, wraps and socks. Alpaca wool is made from the fur of domesticated alpaca llamas. They are bred in South America in the altitude as high as 3 500 metres, mainly in Peru, north of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Thousands of families in the Andes breed alpacas and they became important suppliers of this precious natural fibre.

The alpaca fibre is also called "The Gold of the Andes". It is considered to be the best and most luxurious kind of fibre worldwide, not only for its physical attributes, such as warmth capacity, softness and strenght, but also for its preciousness.

Harsh climatic conditions, when there is cold at night and hot during the day makes the wool accomodated to keep the body microclimate. It insulates from cold as well as from heat - it warms in the winter and cools up in the summer. Alpaca is considered to be a luxurious kind of fibre with unique characteristics.