Terms of trade

  • General settings
  • Booking the goods
  • Delivery and payment terms
  • Complaint regulations
    • Replacement and return of the goods
    • Product failures
  • Personal data protection
  • Final settings

General settings:

These terms of trade are valid for a purchase in the internet shop AlpakaShop and they specify rights and duties or the seller and a client. The seller is Marcela Luštická - company registration number: 60925612 based in Gočárova 1224, 500 02 Hradec Králové - registered at Trade Office (Živnostenský úřad) in Hradec Králové, Střelecká 824/47, who is also an owner and an operator of the internet web page www.alpakashop.cz.

All the contractual relations are applied on the bases of the Legal Code of the Czech Republic.

By verifying the order in our e-shop you confirm that you agree with the terms of trade, purchase regulations, terms of delivery and complaint regulations. These terms and conditions are obligatory for both the seller and the buyer (client).

The order is considered to be a proposal of a purchase contract. This agreement is established by putting the buyer´s signature on the order. The order which does not contain the established requirements is considered invalid. The seller reserves the right to verify the data of the order contract by phone.

The keeper of the e-shop reserves the right to change the General terms of trade. However the change is not applied on the orders accepted before the change.

Booking the goods:

  • electronic order via e-shop
  • via e-mail on info@alpakashop.cz
  • phone order - number: +420 604 230 931

Each order has to contain:

  1. Contact data (first name and surname, delivery address, e-mail and phone contact)
  2. Way of payment
  3. Ordered products, their label, size and colour

We handle the orders one by one in the order we receive them and we do it as soon as possible.
All the prices are quoted in CZK and include VAT.

As each clothes item is original, some colour tints can differ.

Delivery and payment terms:

  1. The parcel is delivered by post. Payment is shifted as cash on delivery.
  2. While paying non cash, the parcel will be sent off immediately after the payment comes to the account.
  3. Postage and packing regular price is 120 CZK.
  4. The postage and packaging is not charged if the goods is over 5000 CZK within the Czech Republic.
  5. We reserve the right to change the postage and packaging price and also payment terms especially when the goods is sent off the Czech Republic.
  6. It is possible to pay for the parcels in advance on our account at FIO Bank:
    • account number: 2700791658/2010
    • it is necessary to mention this way of payment in the note when booking the goods
  7. Payment from abroad:
    • through bank transfer we receive the payment in CZK
      • FIO Bank
      • 2700791658/2010
      • IBAN: CZ5920100000002700791658
    • through bank transfer we receive the payment in EUR
      • FIO Bank
      • 2400859729/2010
      • IBAN: CZ6320100000002400859729

Complaint regulations:

Warranty period is 24 months and it starts on the day of delivery to the customer.

Complaints are not applied on the damages caused by:

  • maltreatment or wrong use of the product
  • mechanical or chemical damaging
  • wrong storing or the product
  • violation of recommended maintaining
  • consequences of natural disasters

We settle the complaints by 30 days on the basis of a written request on working days only.
The defective goods must be delivered to our address including the receipt and the written description of the defect.
The announcement about the settling the complaint will be applied by phone, e-mail or by post within the deadline.

The client’s claim for compensation terminates if the claim is unjustified.

When taking the delivered goods by the Czech Post Office the client is obliged to check whether the goods shows defects caused by transport. If so, the client is obliged to make a record about the damage and not accept the delivery and enquire the seller.

If it is necessary to return the goods to the seller, the client is obliged to pack the goods into the original wrapping. If the client does not have the wrapping yet he is obliged to use the new one that is appropriate for transportation. The client takes into account that if the wrapping is not protective enough, the complaint might not be accepted. We recommend taking insurance of the returning parcel.

Cancellation of the contract:

The client can cancel the contract by 14 days from accepting the goods. We demand to deliver the complete undamaged goods in the original wrapping and with labels identifying the goods including the receipt. The delivery address is: Marcela Luštická, Gočárova 1224, Hradec Králové, 500 02, Czech Republic.

We do not accept cash on delivery parcels. We recommend taking insurance of the returning parcel. The shipper takes responsibility for the damages caused by transport. The payment for the goods will be returned to the client’s bank account he announced non cash.

Replacement of the goods:

Make a reservation of the goods you would like to receive as a replacement. You can make the reservation by setting the new order, put the item into the shopping cart and put the word “VYMENA” into the note (poznámka) of the order. Shipping fee is covered by the client.

If you do not have the possibility to reserve the new goods on-line, you can reserve it by phone or via e-mail. If you reserve the goods via e-mail, wait until the reservation is confirmed to make sure that the ordered goods is in stock.

When returning the goods highlight the item you would like to replace in the invoice and write which size you require instead.

Personal data protection

Personal data of our clients are kept in compliance with the valid laws of the Czech Republic, above all with the Law on Protection of Personal Data no 101/2000 Sb. By contracting the agreement, the client agrees with processing and gathering of his own personal data in the database of the seller until disagrees with that in writing. The client has the right to access his personal data, the right to administrate it including other legal rights to these data.
It is possible to remove the data from the database at the client´s written request. Personal data of the clients are completely protected against the misuse. The supplier does not pass the personal data of the clients on another person with an exception of external shippers who receive the minimum data necessary for delivering the goods. Individual concluded contracts are stored in an archive in electronic form and are accessible by the operators of the e-shop only.